Head Coach Tedd Williams

Tedd Williams is an American former MMA fighter and current MMA event promoter. A pioneer in the sport of mixed martial arts, Williams was the creator of the King of the Cage and is the founder of Gladiator Challenge.  He was a national AAU Sombo Champion (1997), a California State Judo Champion (4th Degree Black Belt under the legendary Gene LeBell) and a College All-American Wrestler (Cerritos Jr. College ‘88-‘89). His professional MMA record, as a Superheavyweight: 11-1.


Arm Wrestling Coach Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes

“Cobra” Rhodes has been a professional arm wrestler for 32 years.  Just last year, he was named one of the 8 Living Legends of Arm Wrestling.  He has won 17 world arm wrestling titles.  Over 20 international titles.  Over 70 national titles and too many state and regional crowns to list.  In March 2012, Cobra won his 4th title at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.  He served as an arm wrestling consultant on the film, Over the Top, and made a brief appearance in the film as a referee. Cobra, who also trains MMA fighters, teaches XARM fighters how to pin their opponents quickly on the table.









Striking Coach Cal Worsham

Cal Worsham is an American MMA fighter and former corrections officer and Marine. He is an early pioneer of mixed martial arts having competed in UFC® 6, UFC 9 and the Ultimate Ultimate 1996.  Worsham has competed against tough fighters such as Tank Abbott, Travis Fulton, Gary Goodridge, Bo Cantrell and Dan Severn.  Cal works with XARM fighters on kicking and punching techniques at the table. (Cal scored ten KOs in his professional career.)